Eden of the East

Eden of the East:

Eden of the east

  • Trailer: English dubbed version
  • What it’s about: A man turns up outside of the White House. He has no memories, no clothes, and his only possessions are a gun and a mobile phone. Luckily for him, the phone appears to give him access to an account with $100,000,000 and a personal assistant ready to carry out any service he might require – for a fee. The show follows his attempts to work out what on Earth is going on, slowly unrolling a mysterious “game” that holds the fate of Japan in the balance.
  • Why you should watch it: In short, this is a fun show. The mystery is deep enough to keep you interested and the characters are all intelligent and rationally motivated – few of them fall into the standard anime character moulds and tropes that litter the medium. The romance shows an actual relationship rather than schoolgirlish squeeing. As an added bonus, the dub is excellent.
  • Caveats: A lot of people go into the series expecting a “twist” or a sudden turn-around. There really isn’t one. Also, while there’s a decent amount of action, there aren’t really any straight-up “battles” – it’s more about manoeuvring your opponent using other means. If you’re looking for characters shouting and beating the shit out of each other with outlandish weapons, this isn’t the show for you.
  • Themes: New beginnings, both for the individual and for society. The concept of “noblesse oblige” comes up repeatedly – with great power and responsibility how many actually choose to better the world? What happens when they come into conflict?
  • Similar works: Summer Wars.


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