Ristorante Paradiso

Ristorante Paradiso

ristorante paradiso

  • Trailer: PV Trailer
  • What it’s about: Nicoletta came to Rome with one goal in mind: to track down her mother and gain some measure of petty vengeance for abandining her as a child by spilling the beans to her new husband. She did not expect to get side-tracked into striking up friendships and romance with the middle-aged waitstaff of a backstreet restaurant, but then life is full of surprises, neh?
  • Why you should watch it: It’s interesting to see a slice of life/romance show with such a different setting to the anime norm. There are no teenagers, no slapstick comedy, and no pointless fanservice. The show is definitely aimed at an older audience and it does its best to present a relaxing, comfortable story to sink into. There’s an overarching romantic storyline, but each episode is more or less a self-contained exploration of a single character’s backstory, meaning that every one of them gets some time in the spotlight.
  • Caveats: It’s fairly slow-paced. The watercolour-like background art can come across as a little lazy at times. It does initially come across as a weird sort of reverse-harem show, but that’s not the direction that it ends up taking – there’s only ever one romance on the table.
  • Similar works: Bartender

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