Kill la Kill

Kill la Kill:

kill la kill

  • Trailer: The official trailer is a little sparse on hooks to pull you in, so try this expanded fan-made version
  • What it’s about: Ryuko Matoi is searching for the truth about her father’s death, and it’s led her inexorably towards the Honnouji Academy, a strange institution with stranger things going on within it. The enigmatic Satsuki leads a group of elite students at the academy, all of whom are imbued with almost superhuman powers – and it seems she’s somehow tied in with the mystery that Ryuko desperately wants to solve. But this is just the setup! Everything spirals wildly out of control from there.
  •  Why you should watch it: If you’ve seen it, think of it as “Gurren Lagann’s little sister”. Kill La Kill goes for the same balls-to-the-wall frantic pace of action and over-the-top drama, mediated with a heavy dose of humour and fan-service. Lots of fan-service. At the same time, the revealing outfits and celebrations of sexuality are (for an anime) oddly liberating rather than demeaning. The characters are all uniquely fantastic and it’s all but impossible to guess where the story is headed on an episode to episode basis. Everything ticks along steadily as the show ramps up to a solid and satisfying conclusion.
  • Caveats: Kill La Kill is not a subtle show. At all. Tons of girls in skimpy clothing, tons of mindless action, tons of…you get the idea. It’ll beat you over the head until you learn to accept this, let your brain switch off, and just enjoy the spectacle.
  • Themes: The importance of individuality, the corrupting influence of power, and the difference between friendship and just using people.
  • Similar works: Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann is very much in the same vein. FLCL has a similar energy to it, though it makes even less sense.

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