• Trailer: English subtitled version
  • What it’s about: Following the tragic death of her boyfriend in an explosion, Kurumi has retreated from the world, rarely venturing outside of her room or interacting with anyone. Her father, despairing, conspires with a local doctor to convert a household android into a convincing facsimile of the recently departed Hal, complete with human emotions and desires. Can this new Hal convince Kurumi to open her heart, while learning to live as a human himself?
  • Why you should watch it: It’s a nice, relatively straightforward story, a romantic drama with a sci-fi twist to it. The animation is quite pretty, being made on a film budget rather than a series one, with both the character designs and the backgrounds drawing the eye at the appropriate times. The motif of the rubik’s cube is well-used throughout, acting as a metaphor for the puzzles and problems that Hal faces in getting to know both the woman he is tasked with romancing, and the man that he replaced. The minor interactions with the side cast are also quite entertaining. The ending is as satisfying as you could hope for.
  • Caveats: It doesn’t really tread much new ground if you’re a sci-fi junkie. Still, while it’s not a new story it is at least a well-told one.
  • Themes: Love, loss and acceptance.
  • Similar works: The Time of Eve


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