Strait Jacket

Strait Jacket


Trailer: English subtitled version

What it’s about: In 1899, scientists successfully harnessed magic for the first time. The sheer power and utility of tame sorcery led to its rapid integration into every technological field, from medicine to power generation to construction. But magic is not without risks; unprotected humans transform into mindless, deadly monstrosities known as “demons”, and the armour meant to keep users safe is less than perfect. Throw in a left-wing terrorist group willing to use demons as a military tactic, and the government-employed sorcerers have never been busier. The story follows a rogue sorcerer named Leiot Steinberg who is called in to fill the stretched roster of these “Strait Jackets”.

Why you should watch it: If you like gory action shows, Strait Jacket offers that in spades. It packs more horror and violence into three episodes than many such shows manage in a full season. The monsters are suitably alien and the show hints at a much larger world lying just off-screen. The plot itself is so-so, but it does at least resolve itself and tie the whole thing into a nice neat package.

Caveats: Strait Jacket is best viewed as a movie broken into three parts than a series cut short. That said, it’s obviously intended as something of a teaser for the source material. Characters are introduced and then built upon only slightly, whole sections of the worldbuilding are left open-ended. You want to find out what happens next, which is more or less the point.

Themes: “What does a sinner want”, and what is the appropriate response by others? Justice, vengeance, or forgiveness?

Similar works: Claymore


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