Cat Shit One

Cat Shit One


  • Trailer: PV trailer
  • What it’s about: ”Packy” Perkins is your standard grizzled sergeant, leading his unit in desert operations, with one small twist: he’s a rabbit. Today’s mission is a search and rescue of a group of rabbits taken hostage by camels, but things take a turn for the worse once the enemy begin killing their captives, prompting a quick response from Perkins and his partner, Private Botasky.
  • Why you should watch it: Cat Shit One is the pilot episode to a series that didn’t get the go-ahead, but it works perfectly well as a standalone. It’s an all-guns-blazing 30-minute action set-piece. The animation is excellent, with even minor details on the equipment and environment fully rendered in 3D, and the sound design is top-notch. Turn off your brain and enjoy the adrenaline rush!
  • Caveats: The story is very, very threadbare. It gives you the absolute minimum to hang the action sequences on. As a pilot episode it would have been fine, but without any actual development and very little depth to balance out the great visuals, it’s very much a “watch it and forget it” show.
  • Themes: Camaraderie, bravery under fire.
  • Similar works: Honestly, the closest things to it are video games like Call of Duty rather than any specific TV show or anime.

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