Hunter x Hunter (2011)

Hunter x Hunter (the 2011 version)


  • Trailer: Animax trailer
  • What it’s about: Gon is a young boy brought up in a fishing village, his father having been absent for most of his life in favour of pursuing his own goals as one of the world’s elite “Hunters”. Rather than get angsty about being abandoned, Gon sets out to discover what it is that’s *so great* about being a Hunter that his Dad chose that life over seeing his son grow up. That’s where the series starts, anyway. But the show gets steadily darker, with the latest arc bearing absolutely no similarity to the early episodes.
  • Why you should watch it: It’s got some of the most unique character designs out there and the worldbuilding is solid. The protagonists steadily progress and become more powerful, but its done in such a way that they’re still presented with meaningful challenges.  The characters are fantastic and the interplay between them is funny and entertaining at the start, and tragic towards the end. It has a way of drawing the viewer in to watching “just one more” until the whole night has gone.
  • Caveats: Make sure you’re watching the right version – there was a previous adaptation, which was fine, but had a lot more filler compared to the lean package that the 2011 version presents. The show is long and on-going, so be prepared for some time commitment.
  • Themes: Determination and persistence in the face of adversity.
  • Similar works: Naruto is probably the closest parallel, though you’ll find shared elements with any of the major long-running shounen out there.


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