• What it’s about: Since he was little, Makoto has been able to perceive something that others cannot. Whenever a person is about to die, dark figures begin to gather until they can claim the departing soul. Knowing that convincing anyone of the truth of what he sees is futile, Makoto strikes an uneasy peace with the figures – he’ll ignore them so long as they ignore him in return. But one day, one of the figures turns up at his school, demanding to speak with him.
  • Why you should watch it: Chronus is one of the two stand-out entries in the Anime Mirai 2014 competition, the other being Harmonie. It’s a brooding drama and an understated romance. The muted colour palette and shadowy backdrops fit in perfectly with the general flow of the story, and the show makes full use of the small amount of time it’s allotted without overstaying its welcome or cutting short the story. In short, it’s a well-crafted tale and well worth spending half an hour on.
  • Caveats: Few, really. It achieves what it set out to do. The plot isn’t that original, but it’s a solid execution.
  • Themes: Finding something worth fighting for, despite the odds.
  • Similar works: Colorful.

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