Hellsing Ultimate

Hellsing Ultimate


  • Trailer: The official one flat-out sucks. This one’s a bit better, though it’s a little too long.
  • What it’s about: There’s a secret battle going on in the dark corners of the world, a fight against ghouls, vampires, and who knows what else. The Hellsing Organisation of Great Britain is pledged to defend the realm against all such dangers. At the same time, it is locked in a continual struggle against the encroachment of the rival Catholic Church into its jurisdiction. Both tasks are becoming ever more difficult but, thankfully, they have an ace up their sleeve – an ancient vampire named Alucard who fights for reasons of his own. The question is: how far can he be trusted?
  • Why you should watch it: It’s gory, dark, and action-packed from start to finish. Alucard is overpowered as hell, so if you’re a fan of “badass protagonists”, Hellsing Ultimate is a pretty safe bet. I’m a huge fan of the soundtrack too, which has a very distinctively dissonant jazzy feel to it. The story is relatively simple, but it sticks to its strengths and never gives the audience a dull moment.
  • Caveats: Don’t bother with the original series, Ultimate is the one you want to go for. The gore and fight scenes are deliberately over the top, Tarantinoesque.
  • Themes: Nature of humanity and corruption. What makes one person a human and another a monster?
  • Similar works: Elfen LiedTokyo Ghoul


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