Maoyuu Maou Yuusha

Maoyuu Maou Yuusha


  • Trailer: PV Trailer
  • What it’s about: The story starts where most others end: the Nameless Hero bursts into the throne room of the Demon King, looking to end the long war between humans and demons in one stroke. Except…the Demon “King” is actually a woman, and one who makes a series of cogent arguments showing that a quick end would only lead to civil war, and that for true peace, the pair must co-operate to spark an economic and political revolution in both kingdoms.
  • Why you should watch it: This is a pretty smart show, and it doesn’t shy away from showing off in that regard. At the same time, the narrative balances the intellectual discussion with a strong romantic subplot and regular doses of action to keep things lively. It’s a very binge-able show with something for everyone. The painted backgrounds are interesting to look at and the rest of the animation is equally above par. The voice actors for the two protagonists have worked together a lot (they previously played Holo and Kraft Lawrence from Spice and Wolf, and Lelouch and Kallen from Code Geass), and there’s good chemistry between them.
  • Caveats: The ending is quite abrupt. It resolves all the major plot threads while remaining open-ended, so it’s not disappointing, but there’s a definite invitation there to pick up the Light Novels or Manga (a second season is quite unlikely at this point). If macroeconomics bores you to tears, give this one a miss.
  • Themes: Economics, politics, war, and peace (and how they relate to one another).
  • Similar works: This show is basically a bridge between Spice and Wolf and Log Horizon, borrowing the director and voice actors from the former and the author from the latter, and there are strong thematic and stylistic ties at both ends. For another show with a medieval fantasy setting and a general anti-war message, check out Junketsu no Maria. For a less serious “modernising the medieval” take, try Outbreak Company.


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