• Trailer: PV Trailer
  • What it’s about: The Yakuza are after Hime Arikawa’s parents for unpaid debts, but since they’ve skipped town, they’re willing to settle for Hime himself. He’s been fleeing from them for some time and has even gone so far as to disguise himself as a girl to throw them off the scent. One day, Hime stumbles into the Student Council room of his new high school and his secrets revealed to the members within. They’re simultaneously amused and sympathetic, and offer to pay off his debts…if he submits to crossdressing and serving them for the rest of his time at the high school.
  • Why you should watch it: It’s a pretty lighthearted comedy romp for the most part, playing up the funny side of crossdressing for all it’s worth. The ridiculousness of the situation continue to escalate as new characters are introduced (with some new crossdressers among them), and the show isn’t shy about indulging heavily in fan-service to keep the audience watching. The story itself is quite simple and forgettable, being a series of 3-minute shorts. Himegoto is perfect if you just want a quick throwaway laugh without thinking too hard about the actual content.
  • Caveats: Don’t go into this expecting a very in-depth or sensitive treatment of transvestism or transsexuality, it’s not that kind of show. The humour is about as lowbrow as it can get without resorting to fart jokes. In short, it’s a low-investment, relatively low-reward series, but still worth watching if you’ve got a few minutes to spare.
  • Themes: Respect for others, and friendship despite differences.
  • Similar works: In terms of comedy shorts, Mangaka-san to Assistant-san to the Animation has a similar style of humour, though the fetish is different. In terms of crossdressing anime, Ouran High School Host Club.

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