100 reviews and counting

And with that, I’ve pretty much caught up with the reviews that I’ve been posting on /r/animesuggest. From here on in, they’re going to be coming a lot slower – there are a few shows and movies that I’ve yet to write up, but for the most part I’m going to need to be watching new stuff before I can write them up. Most of the shows I’ve seen that I haven’t already reviewed aren’t really stuff I can recommend to others with a straight face. Since this blog isn’t really intended as anything but an online (and more easily sortable) backup for the Word document that I generally use, I’m not going to be that worried about it.

Still, it’s been fun so far. It’s given me an opportunity to polish a few of the earlier pieces, though for some of the shorter works there’s not really much room for expansion. Let’s see where it goes from here.


Starting up

Well, this is going to be something of an experiment. I’ve never done any sort of blogging, diary-keeping, or even much long-form writing outside of what was required for academic or professional work. That said, I’ve been hanging out on the /r/animesuggest subsection of Reddit for the better part of a year now. It’s an interesting community, where folks interested in watching anime or reading manga can come to find more of what they like with a slightly more personal touch than the automated suggestions of Netflix or sites like Myanimelist.

I lurked there for a good long while, picking up on the general flow of things. I quickly realised that posts fell into two camps: laundry lists and reviews. The former provided answers to queries in the form of a bulleted list of five-ten shows that match up pretty well to the request, relying on links to outside descriptions like those on Myanimelist to provide context. A scattergun approach where a whole bunch of stuff is thrown at the requester to let them judge for themselves what they might like. The latter type of post tended to focus on just a handful of shows, but came with tailored comments about how it fit that particular request.

Neither type is inherently better than the other, but I found myself drifting towards providing fewer but more detailed recommendations. Over time I sort of settled into a standard format and then figured out that with each requester only appearing once or twice on the subreddit, you can get away with copying and pasting previous comments and then just tailoring the small details to fit.

I don’t pretend to be an expert or connoisseur of anime; it’s a hobby more than anything. But the process of reviewing does tend to focus my thoughts, and I tend to remember what I’ve watched a lot more clearly once I’ve written about it. It’s also quite fun trying to sum up shows within the restrictions set by the format of posting on Reddit. I figure now that I’ve amassed quite a number of “template” reviews, it might be useful to find somewhere to store and categorise them, if only so that I won’t lose everything the moment my laptop finally gives up the ghost. As such, I’ve decided to try out WordPress for the first time, since it seems the easiest of the options out there. I probably won’t stick to regular updates, and since this is more or less for my own benefit I’m not even all that interested in getting others to read the stuff here, but there have been one or two requests that I do something like this, so here we are.

Let’s see how this thing works.